Women Development


Chrysalis is a program curated for our Women employees with the potential to be part of our leadership team, in which we take them through a Developmental journey for 12 months. This learning comprises of mix of – Trainings, Workshops, Live projects, Group coaching & mentorship.

Alongside an exceptional global peer group, participants undertake a journey of discovery, learning and leadership development. Only select exceptional women leaders participate in the program each year — ensuring that they form a close circle and can learn from one another.

The program supports our participants with the necessary exposure to global leaders to give participants a global perspective, and combines distinctive elements of Leadership perspective, Influencing & Networking skills, Strategic thinking, and Executive Presence.

Fantastic Five

We realize that our efforts to increase gender parity need to start with addressing 'percieved' barriers within roles. Roles in manufacturing and operations are vulnerable to such 'perception' barriers. Our Biologics division ran the Fantastic Five program to groom potential pathbreakers for leade roles. Over a year, five women employees undergo technical and behavioral training to equip them to handle shift operations, compliance and documentation, inspections and investigations.

License to Lead

This six month mentoring program for women leaders provides a blended learning experience focusing on the 'mentee' and her path as a groundbreaker in managing people and business.

Reboot Careers

We believe that our organization should be a representation of our society. Through our Reboot Careers program – we wish to bring in people with diverse experiences on a career break. The program provides opportunities and support to women to professionally re-integrate themselves and resume their corporate career. With structured on-boarding, mentoring, flexible working option and on the job learning the program is a bridge to help applicants ramp up.

Women's Inclusion Network (WIN)

Run by our North America team, this program extends supportive outreach to women facing need gaps at different stages of their careers. By providing support in the form of education, engagement and empowerment, this program ensures that women can realize their potential effectively, helping the organization to also achieve its objectives. The WIN team has 45 colleagues (including men), with 10 women on the leadership team.


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