Tech Enabled employee lifecycle assistance

Amber, AI enabled
listening bot 

Amber is our new employee advocacy champion, who helps the leadership teams, managers and HRs gauge real time sentiment through A.I backed continuous listening. Amber captures real time employee sentiments through personalized tenure questionnaires on key “Moments that Matter” like Post Appraisal, Manager change, Project change, Location change & Role changes.Continuous listening helps us to make culture changes based on real-time sentiments, build world class employee experience and retain top talents by hearing and acting on feedback. It empowers leaders to take corrective actions. Amber is built on the world’s 1st domain-specific sentiment analysis engine that understands corporate context.

Guru, AI query
management chatbot 

We recognize the importance of providing a seamless employee experience by addressing their queries and concerns promptly. We observed that employees often faced difficulties in knowing who to approach for various issues, ranging from payroll and benefits to technology and finance-related questions. We identified that valuable information existed within our company's policies, scattered across various departments. However, employees often hesitated to delve into these lengthy policies only to find that their specific questions required the assistance of the policy owners. To overcome this challenge and enhance employee satisfaction, we have implemented an AI chatbot, named Guru. With Guru, employees can easily find answers to their questions, enabling a more efficient and user-friendly experience. Instead of searching through multiple resources or reaching out to various departments, employees could now type their questions directly to Guru, who would provide instant answers

SPARK, R&R Platform

We have formalised the Rewards and Recognition structure with a quarterly format and the awards are conferred during our town hall meets. SPARK makes the culture of recognition prevalent across the organization and that rewards should be given as and when employee exhibits good work. Our employees shared feedback that they would like more ‘on the job recognition’ and to that effect, SPARK is being used to build small wins into their journey.


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