Diversity & Inclusion

Sustainability, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are central to our core company values and business strategies. At Dr. Reddy’s, we believe in equal employment opportunity and strive to maintain a work environment free from discrimination. We are committed to employ and nurture all qualifi­ed diverse workforce. We treasure every talent and recognize merit and diversity in our organization, which fuels organizational growth and innovation. We have always put a premium on company culture and living our values, retaining our emphasis on doing things the right way, creating leaders of the future, and ensuring that our workforce is a re­flection of the wider society we live in.

Together, we're building a workforce that thrives on the strengths of its differences, united in our pursuit of excellence and collective success. Join us in creating a tomorrow where diversity is our greatest asset, equality our standard, and inclusion our shared commitment.

Diversity Related Programs


This is our flagship leadership program for women in mid-management which focuses on high-potential women employees who are trained for senior roles. The Chrysalis program was launched in 2020. The program is nine months long and includes group projects, soft skills enhancement, peer learning, mentoring by senior leaders and sessions on self-awareness and personal effectiveness.

Fantastic Five

We realize that our efforts to increase gender parity need to start with addressing ‘perceived’ barriers within roles. Roles in manufacturing and operations are vulnerable to such ‘perception’ barriers. Our Biologics division ran the Fantastic Five program to groom potential pathbreakers for lead roles. Over a year, five women employees undergo technical and behavioral training to equip them to handle shift operations, compliance and documentation, inspections and investigations.

Women's Inclusion Network (WIN)

Run by our North America team, this program extends supportive outreach to women facing need gaps at different stages of their careers. By providing support in the form of education, engagement and empowerment, this program ensures that women can realize their potential effectively, helping the organization to also achieve its objectives. The WIN team has 45 colleagues (including men), with 10 women on the leadership team.

Mentoring Program

We have a structured mentoring program in place where senior women leaders mentor other women.

PhD Sponsorships

Women are being sponsored for PhD program at Universities like Purdue.

License to Lead

This 6 month mentoring program for women leaders at Dr. Reddy’s provides a blended learning experience focusing on the ‘mentee’ and her path as a groundbreaker in managing people and business.


GROW for People with Disabilities (PwD) GROW PwD is a placement-linked skilling program for youth with physical challenges and vision, speech and hearing impairment. It offers training to 18 to 35 year olds who have completed their 10th, 12th or graduation. The program is implemented in partnership with Dr. Reddy’s Foundation.

Differently-abled inclusion

Hiring through internship model and absorption against vacancies

Collaboration with external partners to identify talent in the PwD space..


LGBTQI+ community Hiring, on-boarding and engagement of LGBTQI candidates. Continuous sensitisation sessions for all stakeholders to create an enabling work environment for employees from this community


This is a voluntary, employee - led, organized, and sponsored group that works together as a community. It shares a common identity and aims to foster a sense of community, support, and professional development among members. We envision A.B.L.E as a forum for open dialogue, education, and collaboration, working together for enhancing accessibility, promoting equal opportunities, and empowering the group to thrive in their careers. Driven by a common goal of promoting inclusivity and accessibility, the ERG works primarily on:a. Stabilising the building blocks - safety, resources and infrastructureb. Capability building and growth for this cohortc. Building cultured. Community and engagement

Reboot Careers

We believe that our organization should be a representation of our society. Through our Reboot Careers program – we wish to bring in people with diverse experiences on a career break. The program provides opportunities and support to women to professionally re-integrate themselves and resume their corporate career. With structured on-boarding, mentoring, flexible working option and on the job learning the program is a bridge to help applicants ramp up.

Who we are

We accelerate access to affordable and innovative medicines because

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  • Dr. Reddy’s has been included in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) 2023 for a sixth consecutive year, featuring as the only Indian pharma company and S&P Global’s Sustainability Yearbook for the 3rd year.
  • We have also been recognized as one of the ‘Best Organizations for Women 2023’ by The Economic Times, powered by Femina Media.
  • In October 2021, we were 2nd runner-up in the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles Gender-Inclusive workplace category in Asia-Pacific.
  • We recently joined the United Nations Women Empowerment Principles as a signatory. These recognitions have strengthened our resolve to drive DEI in our organization.


The key to healthy living is balancing work and life outside work in ways that bring out the best in us.

Family Care Leave

In the case of medical emergencies in the family, or childcare related issues or health problems that require attention, we give the provision of family care leave. Employee can take off for a period ranging between 3 to 12 months if they have been with the company for at least a year.

Maternity Leave

All women employees of our company, including trainees, can avail fully paid maternity leave up to 26 weeks of which a maximum of 8 weeks can be taken pre-delivery. There’s no limit on the number of children for which the maternity benefits apply. Mothers are eligible for equal maternity benefits in cases of birth by surrogacy. In addition to the 26 weeks, mothers are also given an option of Additional Maternity Leave – a month long fully paid leave to manage any health complications arising out of delivery, pregnancy, premature delivery of child.

Equal coverage for C-section and Normal delivery

To prioritize health, employee choice and prevent anti-selection for financial reasons

Miscarriage leave

In the event of a miscarriage, they can take up to 6 weeks of leave immediately following the date of the incident

Fertility treatment coverage

We provide both fertility treatment covers in addition to maternity cover.

Gender reassignment surgeries covered in medical insurance.

Coverage for same-sex partners

Sharing of women success stories within the organization.

Flexible work options for women talent

Flexible work options are provided to women talent depending on their need.

Reduced working hours

For new mothers, they can take off for up to 2 hours every day for a year from the date of birth of child basis their need. Single parents can avail this benefit till the baby is one year of age.

Survivor support

Is provided to employees' families, irrespective of gender, if the employee has passed away in service, it also covers higher education for two surviving children basis internal policy adherence

Easing the work for women employees

Working in sales roles on the field through care kits and increased Outstation allowance by Rs.200.

Health Awareness programs

Organized for women employees.

Regular virtual and physical connect

To create an ecosystem of support and care.

Note: All benefits are subject to location, policy terms, taxation laws and detailed conditions.


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