Digital Capability Development

Digital Ninja

As a future-forward company, enabling our employees to be digital savvy is one of our priorities. This aligns with our digitisation campaign to build a business that will flourish for decades. Becoming a Digital Ninja helps our employees to get updated with fast pace of technological change that is revolutionalising world around us and enable them to contribute in digital transformation journey which the organisation is embarking on.

DnA Champs

DnA Champ program is a learning intervention designed to introduce select digital technologies to participants. It enables participants to solve business problems by applying Digital & Analytics learning from practical use cases implemented in Pharma and other industries.​ The intervention covers following broad themes: -​ Art of possible in AI-ML and problem formulation, Data Governance Framework and its Importance & various concepts – Data Bias, Data Integrity and Data Literacy​,​ Use Cases and Practical problem-solving using Data Analytics , Introduction of emerging digital technologies

DnA Business Translator Program

The DnA Business Translator Program is an immersive experiential learning intervention designed by OpsNEXT to equip participants with capabilities that enable them to bridge the gap between IT & Business. The program includes the application of DnA skills to real-world opportunities. The participants are involved in live field projects aimed at improving process efficiencies/fostering innovation through the adoption of new-age technologies. The participants are continuously mentored by the subject matter experts throughout the project. The program leverages the concept of 3 E’s i.e Education (classroom training through DnA Champ), Exposure (peer learning and mentoring) and Experience (live projects and assessment) which ensures maximum learning transfer and efficient capability building ultimately leading employees to be “Business Translator”.


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