Career Development

Propel Talent Marketplace

Propel, Our Internal Talent Marketplace, is a one stop shop for our employees for their career development. Our guiding belief is that careers are ‘Employee owned, Manager supported, Organization enabled’. To instil this belief as part of our ethos, Propel enables employees to build their Talent Profile - by adding skills, past education and experiences, awards and certifications, job preferences; View and apply for internal opportunities across the organization with AI-based recommendations.

Propel allows employees to chart their next career moves through Career Pathing and supports acquisition of new skills through internal gigs, short term assignments & International Sprint opportunities outside their work areas. Employees can seek and match with mentors who can guide them on their areas of interest and further their careers. Propel also connects recruiters and managers to internal employees and gives them visibility on their skills, experience, and knowledge.

Propel Career Explorer

The "Career Explorer" is a comprehensive and user-friendly feature that helps our employees to map out distinct career development avenues available to our employees. This interactive menu card categorizes growth opportunities into three main pathways – "Pivot," "Boost," and "Propel Onwards." Each pathway encompasses options that cater to diverse aspirations and skill sets. By utilizing the Career Explorer, employees will gain a clearer understanding of the growth avenues that align with their individual aspirations. Furthermore, this tool also indicates the eligibility criteria, expected outcomes, and preparation needed; allowing employees to make well-informed decisions regarding their career development.

Learning and Career Development Week

Our annual Learning and Career Development week makes learning and growth opportunities accessible to our employees, with specific focus on differentiated capability and skill building in the context of organizational strategy and employee career preferences.

We design the week-long program to address the different aspects of employee learning and growth, by targeting outcomes like:
Awareness for employees on career choices : effected through career conversations sessions; Opportunities for development : effected through Job fairs, Gig mela; Focus on employee life-long learning : effected through visibility on learning eco-system at DRL, Awareness of different learning assets employees have access, and skills needed to be an life-long learner; and Masterclass, expert talks and learning paths.


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